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Motorized Flip Down Ceiling Bracket for Samsung UN65JU6400FXZA

Motorized flip down ceiling mount bracket fits Samsung UN65JU6400FXZA 65″ TVs. The perfect mount that is used for ceiling installations in the home or office, our flip-down lifts are also ideal for boats, yachts, and RVs where space is so often at a premium. The open top design of the mounting bracket allows for TVs up to 3.5″ when there is a ceiling above otherwise up to 5″ TV depth for open design above without any structure for mount to recess back to up position.

Samsung UN65JU6400FXZA wall mounting bracket requirements:
Fit VESA 600x400mm mounting holes on back of the TV
Support 51.8 lbs (weight without stand)
TV dimensions: 57.6″ x 33.2″ x 2.5″

Installation Note: The bracket when mounted will show metal framing and parts. For a nice clean look installed it will require trim around all four sides of frame and on lid to conceal the TV and overhead structure when closed.

Samsung UN65JU6400FXZA motorized flip down ceiling mount
Samsung UN65JU6400FXZA motorized flip down ceiling mount


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