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Smart Board SPNL-4055 Floor stand w/dual 84″ Poles Rotates 90 degrees

This Smart SPNL-4055 interactive flat panel floor stand with 84 in. dual polished chrome poles includes a rotating mount interface. With the RTM-L mount attached to the poles it provides rotation between 0º and 90º allowing a Landscape or Portrait configuration. The base can be used as a mobile display cart or static stand. To adjust the height of the SPNL-4055 display simply loosen screws to raise or lower based on your viewing needs.

  • Built-in cable management inside poles for an organized appearance
  • VESA 600x400mm ready
  • 200lb capacity
  • height adjustable up to 84 inches
  • Rotating mount is easily adjusted by loosening the screws to raise or lower the mount
  • Color balck


Roll-able cart for Smart SPNL-4055
Roll-able cart for Smart SPNL-4055


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